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إذا رغبتم في مشاركتنا، الرجاء أن ترسلوا إلينا برسالة عن طريق صندوق الردود في الأسفل و لا تنسوا أن تضغطوا على “تابع”  في الصفحة الأساسية على اليمين في الأسفل٠

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Prayer Room

2. Healing Page- OCD & Other Mental Health Issues

Living with OCD – Questions Answered

Living with Depression

Prayer Against the Spirit of Fear, Anxiety and Self Consciousness

The true reasons behind OCD

OCD and Life Style

More About OCD


الوسواس القهري البحت – Pure OCD

القمار العقلي و نتائجه على حياة الانسان


3.Christian Meditations

4. Worship Music

5.Worship from all Over the World

6. Near Death Experiences

7. Dreams and Visions


– II- Bible Study Tool


-III- The Study of Christianity

1- Eastern Orthodox Theology

2- On Catholicism

3- On Protestantism


 -IV- The Study of Hebrew And Other Semitic Languages


 -V-On Love And Grace


-VI- The Image of God

 This is a study aiming to lessen the conflict between two major opposing views, with one seeing God solely through the attribute of pure love and the other portraying him as a harsh, authoritarian and punitive deity.


– VII- On Pride


-VII-The Religion of Atheism


-VIII-My Journey of Faith 

1- General Testimoniesمذكرات-شاهد-عيان/

2- My Online Testimonies

2- My Poetry



-IX-About & Disclaimers: 

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