This study for dummies is an attempt to look for the truth with regard to the phenomena of pride, and eventually to unravel the evil spirit behind it. I’d like to expose the evil spirit of pride to myself, my relations and to as many people as possible, in order to break down this strong hold that is stopping us reaching our full potential and fully fulfilling God’s plan for us.

Saying this, I’d like to highlight the fact that intellectual (mental and educational) seeking is not the only way to overcoming vice. Seeking, searching and studying is only one way amongst many, and it’s not even the best, the shortest or the most effective path.

To be willing to remain in a domineering relationship either during missionary work or within one-to-one discipleship in monasteries for example, could be a way to open up to change and to overcome deep, rooted vices.

A third way is found in various Buddhist , Sufi  and other mystical traditions, where inner, calm contemplation of the mind could be the way which may lead to overcoming its errors.

Choosing one of these methods of ‘soul searching’ is entirely to do with our learning styles as individuals. Some are verbal, and learn better through theoretical work, while others are Kinesthetic learners and prefer to be hands-on in practical work. There is no right or wrong in that. There is no better or worse. We are all made differently. We just have to embrace this difference and work with what we have got, in order to become more effective in doing the Father’s will; which is becoming aware of what goes on in the inside.

Once awareness is established, we start meditating on our wrong patterns of thinking to the point where our inward spiritual man is  repentant, outraged and disturbed enough to reach out with silent (or in tongue) prayers for liberation.  When we’re genuine enough in our will to be released from our sinful patterns of thinking, God will apply His grace to change things around and liberate us from our bondage.

God, help me always remember that I am an empty shell without you. In Jesus name. Amen