A Disgusting Dream about A wonderful Reality


From 2014 to 2015 I was gradually giving up on the outside world. However, my best friend was helping me to grow spiritually and to overcome emotional turmoil.

One day, the devil came between us and we fell out. I felt vulnerable with no one to lean on except God. It was then (the same week) that I discovered Kim Walker Smith through her preaching and songs. She made me fall in love with Jesus/God for the first time, and with such an intensity that I have never experienced before.


The Dream

A month or two after I discovered K.W.Smith: I wrote in my diary:

“Today is Mon 22 Jun 2015. Last night I dreamt a dream that woke me up in the middle of the night and left me thinking and questioning.
I dreamt that Kim Walker Smith,  dressed in her formal black suit, walked with me inside a building.
This building was non-residential. The back door led to a stairway for fire escape which we climbed up.
Kim was a couple of steps ahead of me.
When she climbed the first few steps, she suddenly started urinating as if she couldn’t help herself. I just got in through the door and took a step. Not knowing the mess she left, I walked straight into the puddle. My shoes were soaked as the urine’s level  increased rapidly. The puddle turned very quickly into something wider and deeper; the size of a pond perhaps. Before I knew it, Kim disappeared into the stairway and I was disappointed with what she did. And I woke up full of disgust and a strange feeling at the back of my mind that the urine meant something unholy. Could Kim Walker be leading me a stray?

The Interpretation:

I wrote in my diary: “I have thought about the dream all morning today, but I couldn’t find anything in the songs she sings that is remotely heretic. All what Kim did to me was bringing me closer to God. She made me more passionate and more in love with Him. Is this bad, unless the source of my dream itself was unholy and trying to plant the seed of fear in my heart?”

I tried to find the interpretation of the dream online. Some interpretation says that she could be leading me stray. But some others say that urine in dream is good. It means a lot of gain and a lot of a good thing. This to me makes a lot more sense as this is the feeling I had at the back of my mind.”

2016 Comment:

I hardly listen to my beloved worship band Jesus Culture nowadays. But I can say for sure that the role K.W.Smith played in my spiritual life has definitely taken me to a new level. My understanding of the true interpretation so far remains positive.