The Bird that Refused Freedom


Between 2012 and 2013, I was seeking the truth in the Buddhist Theravada tradition, learning about the path to enlightenment and aspiring to one day become a keen follower; a nun.

The Dream:

In the mist of my aspiration one night, I had a very strange dream.
My husband and I were in a beautiful garden; greater than any I’ve seen in Kew; Richmond. There was a large white bird cage on the floor. Its Mediterranean design was stunningly intricate. As I peered into it, there was the most colourful bird I had ever seen. Strangely enough, the bird seemed to have a human-like face. Suddenly, I felt very sorry for it. I told my husband it was cruel to keep it in the cage. I begged him to help me free the bird and to my surprise, he quickly agreed. We opened the door to the cage which was at the top. The bird then looked up, facing the heavens, but remained where it was. I urged it to come out but it refused. I looked at my husband in disbelief. I was very shocked and upset that the bird didn’t want to take off.

The interpretation:

My soul wasn’t ready to be set free even though my mind wanted to.
Enlightenment was not to be achieved at that time, through that particular path.