Wedding – Symbol Of Physical Death


This was one of my early dreams when I was about 15 years old (around 1983/84).

I had a friend from a neighbouring area who was 4 years my senior. She came from a huge family of maybe ten or more children. She was the youngest. Her father used to be headmaster of a primary school, but for years he was bedridden by a mysterious illness. Its major symptom was non-stop hiccups. When I first became a family friend, the old man had been ill for more than ten years. A couple of years later I had a strange dream about her dad.


The dream:

I dreamt that my friend’s dad, who became all of a sudden healthy and slightly younger, was getting married to a woman of his daughter’s age!!! It shocked me as his wife was still alive. But, in the dream, it didn’t seem to shock anyone else as the wedding was taking place in the old traditional house of my friend’s parents.
I also saw myself in the dream going in and out of the kitchen, taking food trays and serving guests who were mostly family members, distant relatives and people from the neighbourhood. As I was helping out, people started enquiring who I was and a word went around that I was the man’s youngest daughter’s friend.



The following day when I came back from school, I talked to my mother about the strange dream which I found funny. Suddenly my mother told me not to retell the dream to anyone because according to her, marriage in dreams meant death.
Less than a week later, my friend’s dad passed away. By that time, I forgot all about the dream. As per the custom, on the third day, people were invited and visitors were being fed and I was in the mist of it all, helping people and serving in and out of the kitchen. But as I was helping out, I heard a whisper going around, and I was told by my friend’s sister in law that some of their guests were enquiring about who I was. This reminded me of the dream and made it cling to my memory.