The Fall


Monday 7th Sept 2015. The end of my longest encounter with God. He stayed with me for 8 days, from the 30th of August.
Sunday 6th, everything started to change. I had a vision. I saw the figure of a couple coming towards me. The male was too dark to be seen. The female wore a dark red dress. I was sitting on my little girl’s bed when that took place. They descended towards me. I felt an evil presence. In the same afternoon, I was being condemned for old staff . I was made to feel guilty about many things. At night, even the Christian songs that I downloaded in my phone started to accuse me. At night, I saw a strange dream.


The Dream:

I was an angle. A triangular, transparent being of light, with wings. I was talking to God. He said, you’ve had a good week, tomorrow it’s going to be over. You’re not going to be with me anymore. I argued with Him as usual. Why does it have to be so? Please let me stay with you, etc. God answered me. He told me why I can’t stay with Him anylonger. I can’t remember what He said, but that made me feel awful.
Then I saw myself falling from Heaven, head first. Although I had wings, I wasn’t flying. I was falling instead. It felt horrible.


The Interpretation

The following day, I forgot all about the dream as I was having a busy day.  For the same reason, I couldn’t do worship. Then, trouble took place and my spiritual world shook from the ground. Everything came tumbling down and I found I was thrown back to carnality.