The Power Of Prayer


I don’t remember the exact date for this dream. But I know it was after September 2015, for two reasons: the first is the fact that the dream refers to the book I decided to write after the bondage that kept me from understanding or accepting the Old Testament was broken. This took place after someone interceded for me, in September 2015. The second reason was the fact that on the same month, I had added reasons to fear persecution and I was very anxious.

The Dream

I was living in my real area which looked so different in the dream. It was a town dressed in white. The whiteness of the town felt extremely peaceful, although my circumstances were not.

I was in danger a long with my family members, so I decided to take them and move somewhere else. We found a flat on the rooftop of an old building. Down stairs, there were law and financial offices and a big yard. I was fearful even in that location, and tried to keep a very low profile.

One day, somebody nocked at the door. My youngest responded without asking me. I chastised her and checked who was it. There were two men. I knew them and might have been expecting them.
Both differed from each other in age and clothing.

These two men were both of an proportionate shape. The older was more well built. The younger was in his mid thirties.  He was trendier and was dressed in jeans. His hair was light brown and wavy, almost exactly like John F. Kennedy’s hair in his early days of presidency. But more than that, he had this gentle and humble energy about him. He was so friendly and more approachable.

The older man was wearing a green tree-like costume!!! He freaked me out as I couldn’t even see his face to begin with.
Now I invited them both in and closed the door. Then the older man took his green head-mask off. It was like a huge helmet with a funny shape. Then I saw his face and although he had human features, his eyes didn’t look quiet usual. They were noticeably small and, then there was that alien look in them. I didn’t know what it was. It was just strange and uncommon. Although I didn’t freak out, I felt more at ease looking at the younger man.

A while later, the older man asked if I was ready yet…  I seemed to understand what he meant, and so, tried to give him an account of what was happening. However, as I opened my mouth to speak, my tongue felt very heavy and I heard myself delivering an incomprehensible account, in a slurred tongue, as if I was suddenly hit by MS. I couldn’t control the way I recounted things or the way my mouth spoke, and it sounded confusing. My voice didn’t make much sense even to me. The older man then looked at the younger man next to him, enquiring, and the latter who apparently understood everything I meant to say, started interpreting and telling him that I still have work to do, especially on the writing of the book (I was doing in reality). I felt this young man wasn’t just interpreting, but he was also trying to help me. I liked him even more. The older man nodded. He was satisfied with the account the younger man gave him. Then, they both invited me to join them in one of the rooms that was in that flat! Now, the room wasn’t a surprise to me when they pointed at it. But then again, before they came,  I wasn’t aware of its existence as, just before they visited, I was quietly complaining about how small the flat was.

My youngest child wanted to join us, but I told her, to her disappointment, that this was a grown up meeting and that she couldn’t take part. I walked in. I remember that the room seemed dark to start with, but the general feel  was just amazing. I wasn’t thinking of the two men anymore. They must have immersed into everything that was there. It was a huge place full of people sitting down in circles. The atmosphere was fantastic. It was full of love. And I knew I was accepted and was becoming part of something bigger than me and more amazing.

After that experience in the room, the dream carried on, but I forgot some details. I remember something about the threat seizing to be there. I remember something about thinking of moving back to my old bigger house. I remember walking in the weird white town centre again, which was supposed to be a reflection of my own real town centre.

The Interpretation

It was a very weird dream but extremely reassuring as I was given the interpretation of it straight away. As soon as I woke up, I understood the two men were God and Jesus. Now, what is the meaning of being ready or not ready? For me the question implied if that was the peak of my growth or not. There is also a slight hinting to why it’s been delayed? Why aren’t you ready yet? And the answer the younger man gave (Jesus) not only explained the reason behind the delay, but also justified me. Only when the younger man spoke, that the older man understood my ‘funny’, slurred speech and accepted the reasons.
The prayer chamber they took me to, not only helped to alleviate my anxiety but also rid me of the real problem.  I think the Real problem only went away when the prayers helped me to overcome persecution; when I finally surrendered my will to God, and I was going to face up to danger.


Outside resources:

Room without doors or windows: May represent the womb and life in the womb. What is happening in the room may show the state of a pregnancy, feelings about pregnancy or feeling trapped.

Small Room: Lack of space or opportunity or small time dealings. It could suggest a limitation of vision or potential..