Weather Forecast or Relationship Forecast


Our two children went for their first Christian camp in Salisbury, England. We arrived there on Saturday 25th July 2015. The weather was stunning and the forecast had it that it will remain this way on Sunday too. My husband, the puppy and I decided to spend the night in the beautiful town before we collected the kids. I had the Holy Spirit dwelling in me for some time.

The Dream:

I had a strange, vivid dream at night. I was conversing with God. It rained so heavily with clouds and all. I asked God why He made it rain after promising that it was going to be so clear. I was arguing with Him. I could register His answers but couldn’t remember what He said to me.

The Interpretation:

As soon as I woke up, I exclaimed about the weather. I found out later that the weather had indeed changed to the worse, but it didn’t rain.
The bad weather symbolised something else.
As soon as I got the girls, we started arguing. We were planning to visit Stone Hedge. However, by the time we got there, our conflict became so intense that we had to go back to London without visiting the site.

I felt failure again. Failure to control my temper, failure to control my emotions and thus failure to control my life. I was