Tearful dreams can mean joy


From September 2015 until about April, I was still living in fear of persecution.  This dream took place while I was still in the mist of my struggles and agitation.



The Dream (the night of 25.01.16)

It was a long dream, set in the night fall of a busy but comfortable town or city.
There was some driving involved, and perhaps some fair ground too. I can’t remember the first part very well and it’s coming back to me as flashes.
The bit I remember is when a teenager or a young man that I brought up and grew fond of, declared that he was going to leave us, to go and study in another town, far from us, because it’s more beneficial for him to do so. I remember expressing strong emotions and sad feelings and I remember crying a lot, but his resolution was final, so I wasn’t trying to hold him back.
The staff that happened after that was not very clear either.
But then I was driving the kids, I think, and my youngest daughter too, a bit older than her self now, declared that she was moving to study somewhere else where there is more freedom for her, where she gets a bigger pocket money (I remember that very well) and where she can do drama at school!!! I remember crying bitterly and feeling really sad, but (in my mind at least) there was nothing I could do about it.




When I got up I felt a sense of peace and relief.
A boy in a dream is never good news. A boy literally means a problem. This is telling me that my ongoing problem has decided to settle by itself or that it was taken care of by God.

Tears and lot of sadness means the reverse in reality. A lot of happiness and joy.

My daughter is declaring she’s moving out of her own accord. Now, if I saw a baby girl parting from me, this would be not so good because girl in dream means happiness, well being, goodness.
But I saw my own child, and this was different.

My daughter has always gone through spiritual challenges from early age. She had encounters with the paranormal and sometimes expressed fear from her surroundings.

Recent Update:

This interpretation made sense when the issue that lasted about 8 months was finally  solved.  The truth finally came out and joy and light conquered in the end.

But what does leaving for my daughter meant? My daughter, since then, became less spiritual, and at times lost her faith. But this is changing with God’s grace.