Raining Cats and Babies


Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Last January, I felt the call to get out there and help so that to diminish the focus off myself.
I have had a word from the Lord about a concept; a name that resonated in my head for a long while and it stirred a conversation with my youngest daughter.   The following day, I met an old friend whose husband was in charge of a charity that was called by that concept that resonated in my head and I was discussing the day before, and she asked me to join in.  It was  a christian charity for the homeless which uses the efforts of all churches in the borough.
After helping for a while, I realised that the manager who works full time for my friend’s husband, behaves in a very worldly manner, gossips, shouts abuse at service users and might be using the funds in an inappropriate manner. I didn’t want to get involved as my doubts were not completely founded, so I stopped attending.

The Dream

I had this dream the last day I attended the charity:

I was in a house, I think with my mother but not sure. It was a big house and suddenly we noticed a cat infestation. Lots of kittens were coming out of nowhere. They were absolutely white and extremely furry. However, those kittens were not clean. They had flee and other skin infestation. I felt worried, overwhelmed and definitely was not keen on the kittens to be there because I didn’t choose to have them.
Now, just after seeing the kittens, I also found new born babies. They were also white. I’m not sure how many but they were more than one. Here again I felt not too keen on having these babies spring out of no where in the house.


I had no explanation for the dream. So, I had to look it up in a Christian website. This is the interpretation that gave me.

To dream of a cat symbolizes an illusion, delusion, or feeling good about something that can’t be proven. A false belief that you’ve convinced yourself is true or a need to feel good that lacks objectivity. A belief in something that’s unprovable. Assumptions or daydreaming about things you feel good never questioning. A cat in a dream can reflect your need to feel good, feel loved, or feel comfortable about things that aren’t objective. Choosing to ignore facts or reality because it feels better. Lying to yourself to avoid feeling pain or hard truth. Lying to others so that they will like you. 

Negatively, a cat could symbolize an irrational belief that you’re unable to do something that you’ve never been proven incapable of. Feeling safer telling yourself that you aren’t good enough. Feeling sorry for yourself or feeling sorry for people with bad luck. Alternatively, it may reflect delusions of grandeur. Awareness of yourself lying to other people about things they like to make them co-operative. Cats can represent things that you falsely believe that you need, thinking you are better looking than you actually are, or superstitious beliefs. Cats may also reflect delusions you have about yourself, others, or the world that gives you a false sense of power or control. Something you believe that deep down you know isn’t true. 

Cats are often one of the worst symbols a person can dream about because the very problem they symbolize may be too hard or scary for the person’s ego to accept. Something a person will easily live in denial about or never want to confront because it feels too good or safe to believe in it. 

Cats are very common symbols for sexual fantasies about people you’re attracted to or that you’ve masturbated to. Preferring to watch pornography instead of getting a real girlfriend or boyfriend. 

To dream of a kitten most often reflects non-objective beliefs about ourselves or other people being perfect. Illusions or unprovable beliefs we are very sensitive or protective about. Aggressively caring about things that can’t be proven. Scaring yourself that other people will think you aren’t perfect when they’ve never previously told you that you are. Powerful misinformed assumptions or misconceptions. Lying to yourself at all costs. Scaring yourself that you need to care about people who may not deserve it or may not respect you.
To dream of a white cat symbolizes balanced illusion. This means you false beliefs or fantasies that feel responsible. An example of an balanced illusion is fantasizing about marrying someone you have a crush on, but hardly know.

If you are afraid of a cat in a dream it suggests that you have fears that are based on false assumptions. Mean vicious cats may reflect powerful illusions or fear that keep you believing something in your life is hopeless when it has never been proven. Preferring to feel good being hopeless or depressed. 

If you see a house full of cats then it represents an excessive amount of illusions. You have a lot of things that you believe in that aren’t true. A sign that you may be emotionally dependent on fantasies or that you need to be a lot more objective. You may feel that your entire life revolves around a lie that you fear revealing to others.

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