The Hot Air Balloon


Thursday 10th March 2016. Late at night or early morning hours, I saw this dream.

The Dream:

My family and I were on holiday camp. We occupied a big room in the middle of a holiday camp that specialises in hot air balloons. The kids were playing on and off on them and everything was chaotic. But my husband decided he’s going to have a go on his own. So, he got on one of them and took off. He went higher and higher and I waited and waited until the following day. I was full of anxiety and when I went to look out for him (in the sky!) the sun was weirdly straight above us, but extremely high and he was right beneath it, hoovering on it!!! I could see his balloon. It was translucent and this allowed me to see the sun right behind him. I was thinking what to do to help him and get him back and where to go from there. I felt very helpless. It was a very weird dream!!

Interpretation – 27th Nov 2017

It’s now almost a year and a half since I had this dream. I learnt from my Jumble Dreams that God can revive the dream on a later date, when you’re more equipped to understand it.

Based on my life events, it is very clear to me now that the hot air balloon meant pride, conceit and the straying away from God.

This is something that my family, each member of us including myself, were plagued with. I believe I was baptised by the Holy Spirit in 2015 (August), and I didn’t miss any opportunities to share this with my family members. My husband, who didn’t mind going to church occasionally or even hear the word to begin with, after further reflection, must have decided to turn his back on the Christian faith once and for all. Since then, he became increasingly hostile towards my faith. Although I learnt how to manage my life with my unbelieving soul mate (who is by God’s grace, sanctified because of our relationship), it took me a long time to surrender to this reality and leave him, his soul and salvation in God’s hands. In the mist of my then struggling spirit and rising hope, I had this dream to explain to me the untold decision that he took. The dream told me that my husband made his mind up and that I would have to wait for a long time for his coming back, if he would ever come back.



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