The Hot Air Balloon


Thursday 10th March 2016. Late at night or early morning hours, I saw this dream.

The Dream:

My family and I were on holiday camp. We occupied a big room in the middle of a holiday camp that specialises in hot air balloons. The kids were playing on and off on them and everything was chaotic. But my husband decided he’s going to have a go on his own. So, he got on one of them and took off. He went higher and higher and I waited and waited until the following day. I was full of anxiety and when I went to look out for him (in the sky!) the sun was weirdly straight above us, but extremely high and he was right beneath it, hoovering on it!!! I could see his balloon. It was translucent and this allowed me to see the sun right behind him. I was thinking what to do to help him and get him back and where to go from there. I felt very helpless. It was a very weird dream!!

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