The Fall


Monday 7th Sept 2015. The end of my longest encounter with God/Jesus. He stayed with me for 8 days, from the 30th of August.
Sunday 6th, everything started changing. I had a vision. I saw the figure of a couple coming towards me. The male was too dark to be seen. The female wore a long, dark red dress. It looked like a dress party from an 18th century wardrobe. I was sitting, meditating in my little girl’s bedroom when that took place. They descended towards me. I felt an evil presence. In the same afternoon, I was being condemned for old staff that involved my children’s Godmother. I was made to feel guilty for unforgiveness about old staff even though I repented. In the evening, even the Christian songs that I downloaded in my phone started to accuse me. At night, I saw a strange dream.

The Dream

I was in Heaven, talking to God. He said, you’ve had a good week, tomorrow it’s going to be over. You’ll not going to be with me anymore. I argued with Him as usual. Why does it have to be so? Please let me stay with you, etc. God answered me. He told me why I can’t stay with Him longer. I can’t remember what He said, but that made me feel awful.

Then I saw myself; a simple triangular, translucent being of light with wings, falling from Heaven, head first, with the speed of light. Even though I had wings, I wasn’t flying. I was falling vertically instead. It felt horrible.
Although I have never experienced falling from high in real life and I’m not particularly acrophobic, the impact of falling from an extremely high place (Heaven) felt very real to me.


The following day, I forgot all about the dream and I had a busy day so I couldn’t do worship. We were preparing to move home with all the hassle of preparing the property for viewings, added to it the pressure of school run for a 9th grader and a 7th grader who just begun her secondary school experience and was trying to find her feet. There were other so many little things. Then, trouble took place and my spiritual world shook from the ground. Everything came tumbling down and I found I was thrown back to carnality when anxiety hit me hard as I thought my children were gone missing! I sinned in the peak of my anxious moment, then I remembered the dream.
This incident with all its set backs was only a new opportunity for me to repent even more and press on, to keep praying, to continue pushing boundaries.

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