Prose – What Does Your Glory Mean to us

1- You came one day, and saw how we’re suffering. You saw this endless rotating wheel, forever rotating, crashing our body parts in its vicious cycle. You saw how there was no escape for the souls that are entangled in this vicious machine of death. You watched as the cycles of torment gave way to cycles of death and rebirth, and how they were followed by other hellish cycles of torment, forevermore.
This frantic, unconscious and dark movement of energy and matter travelled through waves that resonated through a giant kingdom, called the kingdom of death.

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2- Through your conscious presence, you shed light over this merciless machine and its endless craving to inflict suffering, without pity.
In your perfect wisdom, you looked at this path of suffering, understood all its twists and turns, and knew how to put an end to it.

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3- This, though, could only come at a cost to you. Only you can put an end to this vicious cycle, this merciless soul grinding machine.

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4- Only dividing yourself to an infinite number of parts, and feeding your body to hungry, miserable souls, that you may get to work through them, through the cycles of their time, and finally, may help them to find the way.

You knew how much it was going to cost you, but you didn’t hesitate.
You threw yourself into the vicious grinding machine. Your blood splattered everywhere, absorbed by every single cell, and your flesh torn to infinite pieces and devoured by wolves.

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5- Yet, your consciousness remained intact. Your love remained triumphant. Your suffering was more than what any soul could ever bear, yet you were never concerned about yourself. Your compassion for your enemy is endless.

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6- You became part of everything and made yourself available to every soul. You lived with each soul like a dedicated, faithful husband to his frivolous, ignorant and insane wife; loving and nurturing. Through you and thanks to you, real life began. A new generation of offspring was born, with a seed of wisdom and a seed of freedom.

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7- Generations later, your initial sacrifice seemed to you like it wasn’t enough to break the oak of slavery. Your offspring became oblivious to both the sacrifice you have made for them and to your existence within them. No matter how much you whispered, moved within them, or shook their internal world, they were completely deaf and utterly senseless.






8- The insane wife couldn’t recognise her faithful husband anymore.
She threw him in a deep well, locked him in, and forgot all about him. When she needed him again, she missed him and longed for his return. She went out barefoot, with her hair wild and her scarf brushing the streets, looking for him in every single passerby. Her insanity left her vulnerable to be raped and tormented an endless amount of times. But who would free the faithful husband? Who would remind the insane wife of his whereabouts?




9- You gathered whatever possible of yourself into one man, into one perfect soul, who understood wonderfully well who you are, and the size of the cost you have already paid. This soul was to be your image and the reflection of your beauty in this hellish realm. Through this man, you wanted to reconcile the world to you, risking it all again. You hoped to remind the insane bride of the whereabouts of her groom. You sent this man; your offspring, to this woman to take her by the hand and bring her back to you, but fearful and betrayed as she was, she shook him off her and cried for help. She screamed and screamed holding on to his cloak until the guards came and took him away to be slain. Had she known that this young man was the transfiguration of her own lost husband, she would have embraced him, hugged him and asked for his forgiveness. But while he was carried away by the guards and was being slain by the executor, you were in him, suffering for the sake of humanity, once more; shedding your own precious blood and giving away your body to be devoured by wolves again.

From darkness to light-Isaiah 9-2




10- Your concern was not over yourself, but still over your insane wife. While you were there on the cross, you were still sending her messages to explain to her who you are, and where she can find you.

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11- Tell me; how can I describe you?

Shall I call you “Good?” What a silly word this is! Isn’t ‘good’ a word used to describe anyone who is righteous and has qualities to be desired and approved?

Shall I, then, call you perfect? But aren’t those who have all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; and have them to the full, are also called perfect?

How can I describe you using words that can apply to others, if what you did and what you’re still doing, no one has ever done, or will ever be able to do?

Thus, how can I describe you using human words if your characteristics cannot be weighed or measured by a human scale, for it is not a matter of better or worse but it’s a question of being intrinsically different?

You are incredible, indescribable and unimaginable.

12- Will we ever comprehend who you are?

Our language is not equipped to show your glory because we never understood you or knew who you really are.

Our language is inept, silly, loathsome,  and simply incapable of doing you justice; exactly like our intellect.




13- Oh God of light, oh, King of life, why did you want to get involved with death and with the realm of darkness?

Oh God of love, oh king of grace, what does it mean to you to love and to be compelled to sacrifice everything for someone else outside of yourself? How does it feel to render yourself a part of a suffering soul, in order to feel her own pain, and to try to save her?

14- In this reality of in-between, which used to be the realm of utter death before you came, shed light and sown life… in this hellish reality, we don’t know how to love or what it means to wear our hearts on our sleeves.

We don’t really understand you at all, and this is why we can neither be truly grateful for the sacrifices you’re making nor find them credible.

We find it easier and more natural to hate, grab and serve our own selfish desires.

Sacrifices in this realm are called stupidity and are considered to be a sign of weakness.

15-No one understands how a great entity like you, is able to love so deeply, and so unconditionally.

And for those who managed somehow to sense your existence, they run wild to publish the good news for others, only to hear them after a while, telling the story of this great human-like-king whose ambition is to reign, collect taxes and send the unbelieving souls to eternal torment.

They too found what you did for us extremely hard to understand or believe. So they changed the storyline, and they dressed you up with familiar human emotions and reactions.

16- They used you to control each other and justify the cycle of pain and torment even further.  They tarnished your reputation in order for them to wear spotless, silky garments. They charged the masses for information about you and built their greedy kingdoms upon your scattered bones.

17-Your insane wife remains insane, still giving herself away to brutal passersby. But I know you will never give up on her. I know that you will never give up on us, because that is who you are. You never give up!

-And the story goes on.

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