Genesis 1 Verse 1


At first, Elohim healed the skies along with the earth.

1st – The word Genesis in Hebrew is ‘to begin with’, ‘at first’  or ‘in the beginning’.
We don’t know which beginning the bible is talking about here though. It could be the beginning from where God intended for Moses to know the story. Or it could be the beginning that Moses chose to start narrating from.

2nd – To my knowledge, the verb to create is none existent in the Hebrew bible that used an original in its translation. The verb that was translated as ‘to create’ is in fact the verb [bara: ברא] which means to cure, to heal, or to pronounce someone innocent.

3rd – The first sentence in the chapter [from: “in the beginning”, until “the earth”] is not at all the first action of events. Instead it is the summary of events that took place and are described later. Thus, the ‘healing’ or as Western bibles like to think ‘the creation’ of heaven and earth did not take place in the first day, but in fact lasted for six days.
If this is the case, why did Moses write Genesis 1:1, one may ask?                                          I believe Genesis 1:1 is an introduction of the chapter,  introducing the chapter to listeners. He is informing us that his story begins by God healing the heavens and the earth. He then goes on to describe how God did it in the following verses.