Thanksgiving and Praise


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the precious gift of life that you’ve given us; for your breath, that is in our lungs, for the consciousness that you instilled in our minds to be aware of our existence and for the knowledge of You, your Son and your Holy Spirit; a knowledge that you have granted us as the best gift of all.

Father, thank you for your patience with us, that because of our consciousness, you chose not to treat us according to what we deserve, but according to your love.

And so because you have so loved the world, you have made a great salvation plan, to save us all, through your Son, Jesus Christ.

Through him, you poured a new life within us; your Holy Spirit.

Sometimes, when the path is so hard and its grass gives way to thorn, we want to give up and go somewhere and die, but you pursue us, you wake us up from our slumber and you give us something to eat to strengthen us.

You are generous, kind and humble. You serve us although we were created to serve you. You look upon us with compassion. You don’t deal with us based on what we deserve but based on your gracious heart.

Finally, thank you for opening your heart to me in the past so that I may know how you feel for the world, and so I can live on that, in the desert, during my current and future battles.

You are the Father to the orphan and a companion to the lonely. You are a zealous friend to the weak, and you make yourself to be everything for those who have nothing.

God gave me a picture in my mind on how He sees and protects the weak, those who some call “the nobody”.

Like a mother who dedicates herself to protect the child whose heath was impacted the most from his siblings’ rough handling, God will discipline his healthy sons for neglecting to show compassion towards his other vulnerable children and He will not stop until they understand that He is the God of the weak and the needy.

So praise be to our righteous God!

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