Duckling in an Empty Well

Wednesday 11th Jan 2017

The background and colours: murky, it feels evening even when it’s meant to be during sun light.

I leave my parents’ house, maybe with my sister. We’re walking and a police care drives past. They stop and check on us. They get us into a temporary building; that was neither a market stall nor an elegant furniture shop. Some of the furniture seems to be familiar. Then we leave and carry on wandering.

I move to Europe!!! I work for a celebrity with a child/son who is between 6 and 8 y.o. She spends a long time not seeing her lover; the father of her child. When she does, and things get too romantic for her son to watch, I take care of him.
I take the son for a tour. I meet my own family members; Chris my husband and my girls. I always see or remember my youngest daughter more than my oldest for whatever reason.

We’re wandering in a huge space crowded with people and shopping centres. We stop at a huge well and I look down because somebody else has looked. I see creatures there, and we establish they are ducks. I take a container of water, and out of compassion, sprinkle some water on them as if they’re a plant to be watered. Then we walk away. As soon as we do, a huge fire is set in the well with an explosion like a fire work. We look back and hear/see the crowds laughing and cheering. I was told that we set the well on fire. Explaining that I just put water not petrol, my husband explained that the petrol was already there, someone, from the crowd put it there. I understood that the crowd wanted the docks to be set in fire. This convinced me in spite of the fact that water, unlike fire, is not an explosive agent! So, how come water on petrol can contribute to an explosion? But in the dream, it makes perfect sense.
I felt sorry for the ducklings.
We went to a theatre or a church (not sure). The children and I took our seats but Chris was delayed somehow. He came looking for us, and there were no seats for him next to me so I didn’t want to call him. He stood a few metres a way from us, scanning the audience until I felt compassion for him and I nudged Vicky to go tell him we’re here and provide him with a seat.



1- Fire

To dream of something being on fire represents issues that you are consumed by. A strong passion or prolonged obsession. Often a symbol for anger, intense bitterness or waking life situation that goes way to far. A temper that is out of control. Something being on fire could also reflect the total loss of something. Destruction. Alternatively, a fire may represent a problem in waking life that has gotten out of control. Alternatively, dreaming about a fire may reflect your fear of experiencing a loss that you can’t control. Destructive jealousy or over-emotional reactions. To dream of setting things on fire represents your wish for total destruction or total failure of something in your waking life. You may be purposely trying to start a problem. It may also reflect your passion to start something. 


2- Duck

*A noisy or boisterous person.

*If you find a duck’s nest, you may lose a trial. A flock of ducks indicates unexpected luck and good news in your finances. Things are going to improve.

*If the duck is dead, you will be overwhelmed with negative emotions, strong emotionality, and failure in love.

*If you hunt a duck you will soon lose your employment, and, if you shoot ducks you have enemies working against you.

*To see an empty well, denotes you will be robbed of fortune if you allow strangers to share your confidence.
*Well Unless one sees clean, clear water, consider it a pit of danger.

*If you see a duck with ducklings or a group of ducks, it is an indication of some happy family times. In general words, if you see more than three or four ducks in your dream, it indicates support of family and amazing moments that are going to be parts of your memories, soon!

*If you dream of killing a duck, you may have someone talk behind your back. Someone is going to talk ill about you for sure!

*Also, the duck may be a pun on “ducking” some issue or situation, instead of confronting it head-on. Consider the phrase, “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck”. Some things are too obvious to deny.

*Know that you can overcome the obstacle you are currently facing by using your intuition, ingenuity and emotional detachment in your decision.

My Own Interpretation:

According to the above interpretations: a dry well is the pit of danger, or it is the pit of ugliness, of discord, of a reality that shouldn’t be there. This may describe the reality of my life with my husband; separation, avoidance, etc. Ducklings are something positive; dreams, future positive change, etc. There were my dreams about a happy, healthy relationship. These ducklings which were kept in this dry dangerous place indicate already a bad thing. It already indicated an issue in my relationship with him, even though things weren’t explosive, but they still were far from perfect. Setting them in fire at the end while trying to water them means for me either causing or realising that there will never be a room for true reconciliation, for a proper change. I blew my hopes away and maybe with them every possibility of true intimacy by trying to nurture the dream and create a better future.
This means that my last attempt to repair my marriage and restore it, caused a huge blow to the relationship, not because I’ve done anything wrong, but because the harm was already there, the problems, the incompatibility was already there, but dormant.

But why was that? If all what I did was to pour water, why this had the impact of fire on gaz? Because, I was told in the dream, that petrol was already there. The cheering crowd put it. Satan and his allies were determined to block me from having a good healthy relationship but they have lately been planning to reck my relationship altogether, hence drawing my attention to the ducklings in the well, knowing my compassion (in reality it means my ingenuity and will to change things to the better), and waiting for the explosion to happen. My attention was drawn lately to the time my husband and I are spending a part from each other, each doing his/her own thing, so much so that we became so different and this triggered arguments each time we pumped into each other. I was ceased by fear that this, if it carried on, may lead to us losing all touch with each other and end our lives together. So, I began a serious of therapy sessions, but this although was well intended, ended with a last blow that grew out of proportion and led me to contemplate divorce.


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