My Husband Loves Me!

Summer/Autumn 2016

I dreamt going for a leisurely walk with my husband in beautiful settings, then sitting down in these gorgeous surroundings. My husband sat in front of me on a rock or a bench (something levelled) and I sat at his feet. We were talking and he begun telling me how much he loved me. I was very surprised and nodded dismissively as usual (because it’s not true), but he suddenly cried. He begun confessing his great love for me and how that my lack of assurance in his love had saddened him.  His confession made me so happy and touched me greatly.


This was a very strange dream because my relationship with my husband was never based on romantic love, especially from his side.

I looked this dream up and this is what I found:

To dream of love symbolizes strong emotions brought by a current relationship in your waking life. It suggests joy and satisfaction with your present state in life. This may also connote the opposite, particularly a yearning to get into a romantic relationship and experience the bliss of being loved unconditionally.

However, I have seen this as a message from Jesus where He’s trying to convince me of his love.

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