My Great Dad

Between March and April 2017
I was indoors at home. I’m back to be single. There’s no one in the house but my Dad and I. I can’t see my Dad. He’s in another room. My Dad is very rich and powerful. He’s the Head of an organisation for some sort. One of his prominent employee, who I can’t stand, was giving me hard time and I was putting up with it for a while. He called me on the phone to discuss certain issues, challenged me and kind of black mailed me or something. His behaviour was becoming oppressive. Suddenly I thought I shouldn’t put up with this any longer. I decided to speak to my Father about it. I called him from where I was and He answered me. I explained to him very briefly what was happening and He said this shouldn’t be taking place. I was amazed and felt really loved and supported by my Father. My dad somehow got in touch with his employee and put him in his place.
However, some other time, my dad and I went for a walk outside, into the town centre. There was a market and building and a lot of movement. In that town centre I realised and came to know that my dad’s employee has done a lot of good work there. Somehow I knew that through his bad character and his patronising ways, things and plans worked out for good. I marvelled at that and realised that I understood his role better.


My dad is my heavenly Father. I didn’t have such understanding while I was dreaming though.
His employee is Satan although this is NOT the theological understanding that I chose to have in real life.
He was being oppressive towards me.
God interferes to lessen this oppression.
He makes me understand that good plans will come up of this oppression.
I’m so glad that I felt that way towards my heavenly Father.

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