Watering Four Plants with Boiling Water

Date Thursday 19th Jan 2017
Tuesday night (17th) I dozed in my bed for a second, and in that second, I saw myself holding a cattle with a boiling hot water and the steam coming out of it, and in front of me four thriving green house plants with long leaves, and I’m pouring the water over them to wash them off from filth and dust. My feelings were that of satisfaction.
When I woke up I felt at peace.

I knew it was connected with what I am doing at home at the moment for my husband, kids and even for myself. It was all connected with reading the word of God. But I still wanted to double check so I visited the dream bible.

Hot Water

If you dream of boiling water, then this is a strong spiritual connection with your inner self, and it means that you are likely to have passion for a hobby in the near future.  Any type of water that is present within your dream often indicates there is an increase in emotional support around you at the moment.
Hot water is usually seen in a dream as a good omen, predicting what it is most important for a woman: birth, children, and the possibility of becoming a mother. Running boiling water means everything will be fine, and that in your life will you will have fertility and fruitfulness. Boiling and running water may portend a marriage. For example, if a young girl will dream of a stream, it is possible that in the near future she will be asked to marry and even to get married. Events will be really nice if the stream is clear, clean, and with green banks.


To dream of plants represents a slowly progressing development in your life. Ideas, plans, or hard work that will take time to realise.  Something you are patiently waiting for. Self-improvement or personal growth. 

People who are experiencing slow or long term healing often dream of plants. Parents may dream of watering plants to reflect nurturing their growing children. 
To dream of potted plants represents feelings about something pleasant or beneficial to your life that requires occasional attention. Maintenance that benefits you. Enjoying slow progress from regular.

Currently, I begun reading the bible again. At the same time, I started biblical marriage counselling with my husband based on Marriage today ministry. On a third part, I begun studying the word with my kids every day.

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