My Baby Girl


I’ve always considered myself to be a keen, responsible parent. I always put my children first ahead of everything else. However, this didn’t extend beyond bed time. This means that I never deprived myself of my private time out.  In fact I felt very strongly about having that time of night where I felt entitled to turn any of my children away if they came to ‘disturb’ me after bed time.

There was also the children future and their education. This took priority in our lives and with it most the hours they spent at home.

Finally, there was  ‘God’s work’ and my ‘little bit’ of service that I was keen to do for God. I placed this work also before my children and it took an awful time from them.

Nevertheless, since I had the Jumble Dream where God asked me to stop doing anything a part from looking after my kids, I started re-assessing my priorities. Unfortunately, because I questioned the source of the dream (I couldn’t fathom that God himself would ask me to stop doing ‘my bit of service for his glory), I didn’t change my priorities, and the end result was an angry and increasingly cold child who felt rejected by me and so strayed away from faith, probably due to my neglect of her emotional needs to be constantly with me. This child I used to call ‘sun shine’ because she really was a sun shine, physically and psychologically.

I became concerned about her behaviour since she hit puberty. I tried to tackle it the traditional way for about two years but I recently came to realise that I may need to focus more on her emotional development and draw closer to her.

My First Dream

I saw myself with the girls in a home.

The general natural atmosphere: Indoors. It felt like a seventeen’s film shot in a studio. There was no natural light flowing in.

The psychological atmosphere: we were just getting by. I was slightly scared or anxious about something, about somebody coming.
A lot happened in that indoor place but I don’t remember it very well.

The whole family went out by car in a  leisure drive.
In that car journey, I decided to go and pick my baby girl from a home, in spite of the fact that my youngest was with us in the car as a thirteen year old! It was a home that was run by council employees not a child minder.     However, I was allowed to just enter the premises, inform the staff about my intention and pick my child and leave. At some stage near the entrance, I kind of changed my mind and was going to leave her there, but I finally made up my mind and was determined to take her with me. I felt I missed her a lot.
She was a baby there who was still in the crawling stage. I found her naked and I needed to put her nappy on. I went asking the officials for nappies but they asked me to go inside the rooms to look for some. I went in. Another parent directing me to finding one.

I put the nappy on her and took her in my arms and left. I was really glad I did this.


The dream is a description of what happened and is happening in my relationship with my youngest child, who always (since birth) craved my attention in a way her older sibling never did.

Very recently, I sensed the Holy Spirit directing me to spending more time with her, watching films or playing together. He wanted me to speak more often with her and make her the focus of my attention. Now, I feel the scales have fell off my eyes. I can’t believe what I did. I never knew that not providing her with enough time to talk to me and play with me was going to cause all this havoc in her life.

I think the Holy Spirit  is trying to tell me, through this dream, that drawing closer to her is, now, the right way to take. I need to bring back that baby who often felt neglected because I never had time to provide her with my undivided attention.

I’m truly sorry that I was selfish and cared about other things more than about her needs to ‘chat’ and play with me all the time. I hope this is not too late for me now to change the game and draw closer to her.

Outside Resources:

Your dream about a baby may also indicate something or someone you are nurturing or need to nurture. If you dream of another person being a baby, this may indicate that you see that person as being helpless or needing your support, or it may indicate a true weakness in the person that you are unaware of. This is especially true if you dream of someone as a baby who in waking life is a very strong and confident person.

This person may be hiding insecurities or weaknesses which he or she is not willing to express to the world. Your subconscious may be turning into an aspect of this person which both your and their conscious minds do not realize is even present.



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