Genesis 1 – Verse 1 – Word 1

For Hebrew and Arabic, please read from the right to the left
א,א בראשית, ברא אלוהים, את השמיים, ואת הארץ.

The Word “barasheet”  בראשית,



B        At



Phonic b.It means house, but it also means in, at; with, by; for

2nd letter in the Arabic Abajadia. It can also be used as a proposition in various ways.

first רֵאשִׁית أولا
Phonic: [Rasheet]

In Arabic, the R is pronounced as in Latin, and the [sh] is pronounced [s].

Equivalent number: 7225. ברֵאשִׁית  בראשונה [berasheet/brasik]= formally, it means at first or initially. This phrase derives from the following possible roots:

אשית: [asheet/asik] this means the very start of things or your head   

רֵאשִׁי: [rashee/rasy]: it means the main- my head    

בְּרֵאשִׁי: [berashee/brasy] In my head or with/on my head (used in Semitic languages as an oath)-

בְּרֵאשִׁ:  [berash/bras] =  the beginning of an oath: by  (someone’s) head (which means “I swear by someone’s head”. By my head, or by your head (means I swear by my head or by yours”.-

רֵאשִׁ: [rash/ras] = in a literal sense: head. In a figurative sense: top; chief; hair (of the head) ; (colloquial) brains, intelligence ; (biblical) division, section ;

בראש -[berash/bras] (I swear) by the head of. /

בראשית :  In the literal sense, this is a phrase used as an oath in Semitic languages. However, since the modern Jews speak Hebrew that is based on Yiddish (a Germanic language) more than anything else, this meaning was lost to them.  Moreover, this is not the only meaning this phrase has and perhaps the notion of ‘head’ as a primary position in time and space shaped the definition of the word [berasheet] during the period of time Genesis was written.


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