Genesis Verse 1 Word 2

For Hebrew and Arabic, please read from the right to the left
א,א בראשית, ברא אלוהים, את השמיים, ואת הארץ.

(he) healed


بََرأَ – بَرَا

Capital letters= Consonants                     Letters between brackets: vowels

[B(a)R(a)] The word B(a)R(a) with all its derivatives, has a wide range of meaning:

As a verb:

-I- Simple three-letter verb

A- El Wasit Dictionary:برا/

1-[B(a).R(a).] بَرا: فعل  = (Infinitif and past) – [Y(u).B(a).RR(i).] (Present and future)

  • to make a nose ring or grip for a sheep, a camel or a cow, etc, in order to lead them to obediance.
  • to sharpen a pencil or a stick
  • God bara means created
  1. – [B(a).R(a).A(a)]  برَأَ: فعل : God created the creation from nothing


3.- [B(a).R(i).A(a)]:(Infinitif and past) – [Y(a).B.R(a).U] (Present and future)

S/he distanced himself from a bad friend or relative.

Also in another location:برئ/

[B(a).R(i).A(a).]: رِئَ / برِئَ من يَبرَأ ، بَرْءًا وبُرْءًا وبَراءً وبَراءةً ، فهو بارِئ وبريء

  • برِئَ المريضُ برُؤ ، شُفِي وتعافى – The patient: was healed, recovered, became well, convalescence ; cure ; healing ; recovery ; recuperation
  • رِئ من التُّهمة براءةَ – The accused: became innocent of a crime.


-II- Expanded Verb:بَرْء/

  1. برَّأَ: فعل  (Infinitif and past) – [Y(u)B(a)RR(i)U] (Present and future)
    • برَّأَ يبرِّئ ، تَبْرِئةً ، فهو مُبرِّئ ، والمفعول مُبرَّأ – Usually a judge or a court – to absolve or acquit
    • برأ / يبرئ من دَيْن – Waive someone’s debt- release someone from an obligation
    • برّأ ذمّته / ساحته : خلَّصها – to clear one’s conscious over something
  2. [B(a).RR(A).] بَرَّ: فعل (Infinitif an past tense] – [Y(a).B(i).RR(u).] Present + Future
    • برَّ / برَّ بـ / برَّ في بَرَرْتُ ، يَبِِرّ ، ابْرِرْ / بِرَّ ، بِرًّا وبُرورًا ، فهو بارّ وبَرّ ، والمفعول مَبْرور – للمتعدِّي
    • برَّتِ اليمينُ : صدَقت برّت عينُه ، – to do something with good intention
    • فعل مبرور : ما لا شبهة فيه ولا كذب ولا خيانة – Pure, honest, truthful,
    • برَّ والِدَيْه : توسَّع في الإحسان إليهما ووصلَهما ورفق بهما وأحسن معاملتهما ، عكس عقَّ ابن بار : مطيع ، يُحسن معاملة والديه عن حبّ ، – The child/son/daughter to obey one’s parents
    • برَّ اللهُ حجَّه : قَبِلَه حج مبرور : لا يخالطه شيءٌ من المآثم ، – For God:barra a deed or a sacrifice; to accept it
    • برّ اللهُ قَسَمَه : أجابه إلى ما أقسم عليه – God barra somebody’s prayer to answer it
    • برَّ الشَّخصُ ربَّه : توسّع في طاعته برّ خالقَه : أطاعه ، الْبِرُّ حُسْنُ الْخُلُقِ ( حديث )، Someone barra God, to obey him.
    • برَّ بيمينه / برَّ في يمينه : وفّى بها ، صدق فيها برَّ بوعده – For someone: To be true to his/her promise
    • بَرَّ الشَّخصُ : صلَح ، ضدّ فجَر:  for someone: to become a better person
    • برَّتِ السِّلعةُ : راجتْ: for a merchandise: to become in demand
    • برَّ البيعُ : خَلا من الشّبهة والكذب والخيانة: – for sales; to be without lies or scams
    • فلانًا بَرَّ بَرًّا : قهره بفعل أَو قول: to overwhelm someone with words or deeds.
  3. بُرأة: اسم – Noun [B(o).R.A(a).]    الجمع : بُرَأٌ  Plural: [B(o).R(a).U(n)]
    • الْبُرْأَة : مخبأ الصائد يسْتتر به عن الصَّيد – a shelter of a hunter during hunting
 B- Other Sources

1-To recover, recuperate; fatten; heal, cure. 2-to create, make, form. 3-to clear (forest) , cut, fell (trees) 4-to clear from an offence; to render one innocent.

5- to be good, charitable, honouring to one’s parents, etc. (p.tense=barra, p.tense=yabirru, Noun = birrun, Doer = barron)

As a noun:

1- all land that is not covered by the sea and ocean is barr.

2- [El barria] retrieved from the same root. The creation; all humanity, all what was created.

3- [El barria] the wild country. [birri] is an adjective that describes a wild animal as oppose to a tamed one.


[B(a)R(a)] is an Aramaic word full of meaning. It’s primarily a verb that could have been initially made of three or more letters: [B(a)R(a)] or [B(a)R(a).A(a)]. Due to the lack of niqqud in the old Aramaic, this cannot be confirmed, especially that the meaning of the two verbs is very similar.

I believe that before the meaning of creation came to be, [B(a)R(a)] always has a two-way meaning that reflects a vertical relationship between two non-equal parts or individuals. The first meaning reflects a relationship where the Subject (doer) is higher than the Object (receiver). Within this relationship, [B(a)R(a)] refers to healing, acquitting and waiving debts on one hand, and making a hole-ring (which means imposing obedience) on another.  These actions reveal the wonders that God provided the ‘created’ from the moment of creation.

The second meaning reflects a relationship where the Subject (doer) is lower than the Object (receiver). Within this relationship, [B(a)RR(a)] refers to being obedient, truthful and trust worthy, all of which are qualities expected to be found in a believer’s heart towards his/her God.

Why then, [B(a)R(a)] came to mean the creating power of God?

The answer could be found in the possibility that the act of creation itself bore those very qualities described in the first meaning and anticipated the same reaction towards the creator as found in the second meaning [B(a)RR(a)].

Creation could even have taken place through the waving of debts (forgiveness of sins), the act of acquitting (the gift of righteousness in Christ) and the act of healing from sins.


See also this study:


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