Peeling off my Own Body Fat

It was a long dream last night (26th Nov 2017)

The only thing I remembered which was quiet significant is peeling off my own fatty right hand side. I couldn’t see my skin, flesh or bone. It was just loose fat. For whatever reason I needed to peel some off. It wasn’t hurting me at all. I was peeling the outside edge.


What’s new in my life these days is that I’m deliberately making more time for my children, especially my younger one who is experiencing serious faith issues. I’m trying to overcome the idea of ‘Me Time’ which built an obstacle between u. I’m training myself to respond to her on a need bases.

At the same time, recently I have experience eating addiction. I found, for the last few days, an effective way of dealing with it.

The dream could be talking about both life events. However, the understanding that settled in my heart after I woke up was the following:

The dream was communicating the fact that I’m using up some of the faith-energy accumulated in me (fat).  This energy is being used for teaching my children, even though this isn’t costing me a great deal.

It’s interesting to know that this doesn’t mean I’m not a stewardess of God. I am working in other areas too. But this goes in line with a dream that I saw before where God asked me to only focus on my kids. I think, for him that was the real burning of my accumulated energy. He wanted me to make myself available for them at all times to guide them spiritually in his path. My failure to listen to that old dream and focus solely on my children has resulted in my daughter straying away from the faith.

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