I’m in the Mend

Last night 5-6th Dec 2017
Very busy dream. The bits I remember:
I saw a man I’m not sure who although I believed in the dream that he’s so close to me. He was a middle age man with dark features.
He went missing and I believed that a group of baddies kidnapped him to kill him. I looked into some documents. I found a phone number. I rang it and left a message. It was a message of accusation to those who killed him. I was devastated.
Then, there was a twist of events. I found out that the man wasn’t kidnapped by baddies but was taken by the NHS. I also found out that he’s not dead but alive and that he’s in the mend.
I then went to the NHS with family members. I had to sit there waiting for him. I knew somehow that I’m going to wait for a long time. I wasn’t happy about it but it was the only way. Suddenly, it wasn’t about a man anymore. It was about me. I was the one who was to be seen and taken care of.


I believe this dream was a follow up to the previous disturbing dream about being killed by my mother. I think God is telling me here that even though I thought I was done for (mentally and spiritually) God choses to mend me, even though it may take a long time. God has taken my case. I’m not only on the waiting list, but in the waiting room, waiting to be taken care of. So, I am in the mend. Alleluia!

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