My Belief

For years that have passed and gone
I denounced my Deity…
Islam did not make sense
nor Buddhism or Christianity…
Churches and mosques are alike
full of dogma and stupidity…
In all their pride and prejudice
they are betting on eternity…
so sure of the unseen,
so confident to comprehend,
what is beyond,
their ability…
They turned God to an angry spirit,
a colonial, bloodthirsty, volatile entity…
a terrorist who frightens peace,
women’s serial killer,
a violent personality,
a feeling of guilt within us,
a stress, a loud siren of atrocity…
Living life is hard enough

why looking for the impossibility?!…


Though, I am still open to the truth of Love,

to my saviour Jesus,
to Christ Spirituality,
to the Spirit’s untold rule
of acceptance and tolerance,
of peace and serenity…
I am able to hear the life’s silent messages,
able to see what is beyond our insanity …


When the Wind blows at me
and changes my direction
I struggle, push back and shuffle
filled with objection…
I want to choose…
I hate to lose
Winning is my addiction…
When, finally, I had my way,
was over the attraction,
I come to see that my gain was a loss,
my built was destruction.
This does not mean
that we need to stop to feel keen…
In total honesty, trying in itself is OK,
it’s part of our responsibility…
But, trying too hard, I think,
is a waste of energy.
For there is in us a loving power
that knows it all,
that sees it all,
the life’s sweet and soar.
I think it can, intelligently, see
what is meant to be for you and me…
I do not need to know anything else
about this entity..
He might be the creator of the universe,
He might be an Alien from another verse,
or He might be us; Just
a futuristic version of who we are coming to be.
All that I need to do is listen
to the whispering sound of his wisdom…
And to stop wanting too much
And to stop trying too hard, stupidly,
to obtain what is bad for you and me…
 First published on 2011

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