Book of Psalms: brief readings

Psalm 1

The righteous is blessed.

– Who is the righteous?

1-The one who does not do what evildoers do; lie against others, steal, rob, envy, lust, try to corrupt others or seduce them to , gossip, feel self righteous, feel proud, act in vanity, look down at others and/or mistreat them, don’t treat people with compassion, hardened at heart, judge others severely, punish them without pity, mock them, show cynicism, communicate disdain, etc.

-The one who does not mock righteousness, goodness and the Word of God.

2-The one who delights in the law of the Lord; who loves the wisdom of God and thrives in living according to God’s plans. Who is drawn to godly things; meditating on the Bible, studying the scripture, praying and listening to others’ prayers, serving others in Christ; in humility and long-suffering, be open to teaching and to change.

How is the righteous blessed?

They are fruitful; they bear fruit; they succeed in their endeavour and their efforts don’t go in vain.

Their spirit is alive within them; they are not dry bones. They have this amazing energy within them that drives them to do great things, to reflect the grace of God and to draw others to them.

How is the wicked forsaken?

Because of choosing to stay away from God and the love of God, the person’s spirit shrinks and withers like a dead leaf.  Wickedness and lawlessness rule within the person leading him to destruction.

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