Book of Psalms: Chapter Summaries

Psalm 1

Blessed is the righteous man.

What does it mean to be righteous?

What is the blessing of the righteous?

What is the end of the wicked?

Psalm 2

Who is the Anointed of the Lord according to this chapter?

– The Lord Jesus Christ

-King David

-Any man or woman who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Normal people can become kings when they walk closely with Christ, because, as believers, they are expected to rule over themselves, with his power in them. Our sinful DNA, biochemical processes and our mental and psychological faculties are ruled by the power of darkness which is innate in us.

How can believers become anointed children of God?

-Understanding the outward and inward truth;

-Stand firm in the truth

-Stay watchful, so as not to allow any powers to break our unity with God, at any given moment.

Psalm 3

King David talks to God with a grieved heart.     The number of his enemies is soaring.

What types of enemies are these?

There is a similarity between the enemies here mockingly alleging that God was not with him, and the enemies in Psalm 2 trying to break his bond with God. The true enemies might be of psychological, mental and spiritual nature.

King David chooses not to believe the lies of the enemy. He renews his faith in a loving, protective Father.

The secret behind David’s strong relationship with the Lord is his faith in a merciful, gracious God.

It was also King David’s choice to hang on God’s old promises and what He has done in his life.

King David knows, with assurance, that God will hear him whenever He cries out to Him.

Verse 6 is the evidence that God’s presence alone can turn us into powerful heroes. King David was not born a fearless, mighty warrior. It was his walk with God that turned him into this invincible king.

In this Psalm, praise went hand in hand with prayer.

King David wanted to communicate the fact that he will not be afraid of ten thousands of people as long as the Lord is on his side, ready to save him from the hands of his foes.

King David uses declarations of God’s protection over his life and prophecies.

King David seeks a more tangible evidence of the presence of the Lord; the Holy Spirit.

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