Letter א [a]

א ר [ar]

א ר ב          [a-rav]
1-To ambush; to lay in wait of another to capture or do harm or injury.
Strong’s Number: 693

In Arabic:

The Hebrew word (ארב ) [a-rav] or [a-rab] does not start with the same word as Arabic (as a language or ethnicity as the latter starts with the letter (ع) the equivalent of the letter (ע) in Hebrew.

أرب – [a-raba]  Noun  Extreme need – wish

أرِب – [a-reba] try to achieve better – became passionate about something.

أرُب – [a-ruba] being smart.

אַ רְ בַּ ע          [ar-ba]

1-Four; a cardinal number.
Strong’s Number: 702

אַ רְ בָּ עִי ם          [ar-ba-eem]
Noun: Forty; a cardinal number. (The plural form of ar-ba)

Strong’s Number: 705

In Arabic: The first is not an easy word to write in European phonics as the letter (ע).

1-   أربع or أربعة [arb.a] the same meaning.

2-  أربعين –  [ar-ba-een] the same meaning (the letter n replaces the letter m)

אַ רְ גָּ מָ ן          [ar-ga-man]

1- Purple; a reddish-blue colour used to dye yarn and used in weaving.
Strong’s Number: 713

In Arabic:

أُرجُوان – [ur-jo-wan] or [ar-ju-an] the same meaning. However, it has also another related meaning: it is also a purple corneal tree that 2erjouwan.jpghas a very reddish blossom that is good looking and has no smell

אֲ ר וֹ ן          [a-‘roon]

1- Box: a rigid rectangular receptacle often with a cover. Any box-shaped object.
Strong’s Number: 727

Note: Similarities between this word and the English noun: iron

In Arabic:

آرَن – [a:rana] to boast of something – to point at something which is the source of one’s pride.

אֶ רֶ ז          [e-rez]

1- Cedar; a coniferous tree from the Cyrus family having wide, spreading branches.

2- The wood or tree or something made it.
Strong’s Number: 730

אֶ רֶ ץ          [e-rets]

1-Land; the solid part of the earth’s surface.

2- The whole of the earth or a region.
Strong’s Number: 776

In Arabic:

أرز – [arz] the same as the first meaning. It’s a plural name. The singular is أرزة – [arzah] The symbol for the country of Lebanon.

Verb root:  أرز [araza] to walk in a way showing exhaustion as when you hike up a mountain. For an animal: to be strong, and tough. To seek refuge in a place. For a tree: to cling to the ground.

אַ רִי          [a-ree]

1- Lion; a large carnivorous chiefly nocturnal cat. A feared animal.
Strong’s Number: 738

In Arabic: Not used

אֶ רֶ ץ          [e-rets]

Land; the solid part of the earth’s surface. The whole of the earth or a region.
Strong’s Number: 776

In Arabic:

أرض – [a.rd] or [e.rd] The same meaning above.

א ר ך          [a-rakh]

1- To prolong; to lengthen or delay.
Strong’s Number: 748

In Arabic:

أرخى – [ar.kha] The same meaning as in Hebrew. However, this is a verb root to various other meanings. These are: to drop the curtains down, to loosen the reins of one’s horse, to let one’s beard grow, to loosen the rope, to make someone or something relaxed.

אֹ רַ ח          [o’ra:kh]***


1-Path; the road or route one travels.
Strong’s Number: 734

In Arabic:

أرح – [arah] *- a person whose soles (of the feet) are entirely flat on the ground.

אֹ רךְ          [o-rek]


1- Length
2-A measured distance or dimension.
Strong’s Number: 753

In Arabic:


أَرَكَّ – [a-rek] 

The land: it rained on it a very light rain.

אַ רְ מ וֹ ן          [ar-mon]

1- Citadel; a large palace or fortress usually constructed in a high place.
Strong’s Number: 759

In Arabic: Not used

א ר ר          [a-rar]

1- To spit Upon; to eject saliva, usually on another in spite or disrespect.
Strong’s Number: 779

In Arabic:

أرَارَ – [a-rar] to be extremely thin.


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