Letter א [a]

  אב [ab]

אָ ב           [a:v]    *           


-I- A father is:
1- The man who has begotten a child.

2-  The provider and support to the household.

3-  The ancestor of a family line.

4-  The patron of a profession or art.

Strong’s Number: 1

In Arabic:

أَبُ   –  [a:b] * similar in pronunciation and agree in meaning.



א ב ה          [ava:h] *


1- to consent; to give approval.

2- To be in agreement with someone else.
Strong’s Number: 14

In Arabic:

أَبَى – [a.bah] or [a.baa] to refuse or resist someone – almost gives the opposite meaning. The word root is to be explored. 


א ב ד          [ava:d] *


1- to Perish
2- To be deserted or abandoned; separated from the whole, life or functionality.
Strong’s Number: 6

In Arabic:

 ْأَبَد –   [‘abad] *  It is the Eternal – almost gives the opposite meaning. The word root is to be explored.


אֶ בְי וֹ ן          [‘evyo:n] ***


1- Needy; to be in a condition of need or want.
Strong’s Number: 34

In Arabic:

أَبِــيٌّ – [a.be:yon]  –  Someone with dignity and power – almost opposite meaning.


א ב ל          [ava:l]  *


1- To mourn.
2- To feel or express grief or sorrow.
Strong’s Number: 56

In Arabic:

أَبَلْ – إِبِل – [‘abal] – [‘e.bil] * Depending on niqqud – camel

أَبَلَّ [‘abal.la:]* – verb to wet


אֶ בֶ ן          [e.ve:n]*


1- A stone; a piece of rock, often in the context of building material.
Strong’s Number: 68

In Arabic:

إِبْنُ –   إبني – [‘ebn] or [‘ibn]   *  as a noun, it means a son – as a verb in the imperative mood, it means to instruct someone to build something.








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