Letter א [a]

א ד [ad]

אָ דָ ם          [ada:m]*


1-Human; of, relating to mankind; the first man.

2- All of mankind as the descendants of the first man.
Strong’s Number: 120

In Arabic:

أَدَمْ – [‘a:dam] * The exact same word and connotation.


  אֳ דָ מָ ה          [‘a.da.’ma:h] ***


1- The ground; the surface of the earth.
Strong’s Number: 127

In Arabic:

أَدَمَة   [‘adamah]* =  with Qamets
1-Deep layer of skin under the epidermis and above the flesh, containing nerve endings, sweat and sweat glands, blood vessels and lymphatic
2-Dermis of the Earth: The layer beneath the surface.

أُدْمَة    [‘ud.mah] =  with Qibbuts

1- Socialising with someone, friendship, familiarity, consent. There was a great (u-d-ma) among them
2- dark soil-  dark here is a shade (not the word dark in Semitic languages). It’s the one resulting from sun exposure.


אָ ד וֹ ן          [ado:n]*


1- Lord
2- Ruler and the founder of the community.
Strong’s Number: 113

In Arabic:


  1. أَدَن [adanah]  (doer) from the root [dannah] دَنَّ 


  1. أَدَنَّ [adan.nah]  =  to reside in the place temporary or for a long term.


אֲ ד וֹ נָי          [‘a.do.nai] *

This is the plural possessive form of the noun  אָדוֹן  a-don


1- It means “my lords.”
2- It is often used to refer to God.
Strong’s Number: 136


אֶ דֶ ן          [e.de:n]  **


2-Ground or basis for a firm foundation. That which sustains a stable position.
Strong’s Number: 134

In Arabic:   Non-existent.


אַ דִּי ר          [a’deer] *

2- Something that exerts power and status.

3-Someone or something that is wide in authority or majesty.

Strong’s Number: 117

In Arabic


أَدِير  [ adeer] in Arabic has many meanings:

أَدِير with Qamets

1- To rotate something 

2- to put an engine or something like an engine on –

3- to manage anything; a home, a business, etc. 

4- to turn one’s back from something – to turn away in anger, dismay, etc. 

5- In more archaic Arabic:  to ask someone to abandon or to do something (depending on the proposition used with it) 

أُدِير with Qibbuts

1-S/he feels dizzy.









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