Letter א [a]

א ו [a-u:t]

א וֹ ת          [o:t]

1-Sign; the motion, gesture, or mark representing an agreement between two parties.

2- A wondrous or miraculous sign.
Strong’s Number: 226

Note: the sound of the word is similar to the English word (aught).

In Arabic:  Non-existent


א וּ לָ ם          [u-‘la:m] **


1-Porch; an exterior appendage to a building, forming a covered approach or vestibule to a doorway.
Strong’s Number: 197

In Arabic:

أَوْلَم – [‘aw.lam]* –  only agrees in spelling. The niqqud is different. (in literary Arabic: [aw.la.ma])

It is a verb meaning:

1-to set up/organise a banquet for a ceremony.

Archaic Arabic: this meaning is added

– to be both handsome and wise.


א וֹ פָ ן          [‘o:fen:]***

2-A circular frame or disk arranged to revolve on an axis, as on a wagon or chariot.
Strong’s Number: 212

Note: It sounds similar to the English word: often, with a slight difference at the beginning.

In Arabic: Non-existent 


א וֹ צָ ר          [ot.’sa:r] **


1- A storehouse; a place where grain or other items of subsistence are held and protected.
Strong’s Number: 214

In Arabic:

أَوْزَر – [aw.zar] – The words agree in spelling and meaning but not in niqqud. It is a verb and a noun.

As a verb: 

1-hides his money, treasure or a precious thing.

2- to hide a runaway.

3- to make a financial gain.

4- to tie up an animal.

As a noun: [w-i-zr]   وِزّر


א ו ר          [o:r] *


1-to light up; to shine with an intense light; be or give off light; to be bright.
Strong’s Number: 215

In Arabic:

The Hebrew and Arabic words for light are similar  -nor- indicating that there may be the same word root. 

أَنَار – [a’na:r] or [a’narah]  meaning to lighten up anything that would emit light. This verb is connected to two different nouns


א וֹ ר          [o:r] 

1- Light; the illumination from the sun, moon, stars, fire, candle or other sources.
Strong’s Number: 216

In Arabic:  This is one word with two different meanings 

First noun:

نُور – [nu:r] or  [no:r] – depending on dialects. It means light – any type of light.

Second noun:

نار – [na:r]* – it means fire. 








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