Letter א [a]

א ז [a:z]

אֹ זֶ ן          [‘o:zen:]***

1-Ear: The organ of hearing.
Strong’s Number: 241

In Arabic:

أَذُن -Depending on the dialect; it’s either pronounced o-zen or o-then

It means ear, the natural instrument for hearing. But as a linguistic, I believe that the word comes from the verb root: أَذِن  [a-the-na] which has various other meanings.


א ז ן   [a.’za:n]
1-To pay attention to a voice or sound; to hear with thoughtful attention and obedience.
Strong’s Number: 238

In Arabic:

آذان  –  [a.’za:n] It has two meanings:

1-The plural of the word nose.

2-The Islamic call to prayer.






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