Letter א [a]

א כ [ak]

א כ ל          [a-‘khal]**

1- to eat; to consume food.

2- To destroy; the devouring of a fire.
Strong’s Number: 398


אֹ כֶ ל          [okh.’khe:l] ****

1- Foodstuff
2- A substance that may be eaten for giving sustenance and making one whole.
Strong’s Number: 400

In Arabic:

أَكْل – [akl] only agrees in spelling and vaguely in meaning. Phonetically, the middle [kh] is used differently. In Arabic, it’s a [k]. [e-kel] or [a-kel] depending on the dialect. In literary language it is [a.ka.la]

As a verb, it means to eat – as a noun it means food (any type).









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