Glory be to God in the Highest





Heavenly Father

Owner of my heart

And Spirit

It was Jesus Christ

who brought me to you,

It was He

Who drew a picture

Of your throne

To me

And pointed

Through the Cross

At you




With love,

He invited me

To join your Kingdom

And with Grace

He turned my rebellious heart

Into a tame dove


Between your firm hands




You gave me so much

So that I get to know Your truth

And come to You,

You gave me Christ 

You gave me the Cross


You gave me Devine revelations

To set me free

So that I may live freely

As a prisoner

Under your feet




Please, take anything you wish away

Except for this faith you bestowed on me

This beautiful gift of salvation




The viper wanders

In the cities and squares

I saw it with my own eyes

-The eyes of my conscious mind-

Sweeping the streets

With her long tail

And her head stretching 

Toward the heavens




Please brake its thorn, Father

And strip it of its scary poison

Do not allow it to eat, but dust

And reduce the thickness of its skin

Tear it to pieces 

With your righteous right hand

Destroy its den

And smash all its silly eggs




Is the frightening snake; Self?

Or does it lodge for free 

Within my Soul-Realm?




The snake-viper maybe my prison

But You, Lord

Is bigger than the snake

And  larger than any prison


I confess to you and repent of all my sins.

القصيدة باللغة العربية
المجد و العزة لك


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