A Love Letter to Jesus Christ

God soften my heart of stone

and fill my ‘Narnia’ with your warmth 


Oh God of Love and goodness

God of miracles

Forgive my doubts

My atheism …

in spite of all the signs


Forgive my intellectual pride

my trust in my worldly mind

and my lame attempts

to comprehend the essence of things


Forgive me my blind belief in science

and my shallow understanding

of a limited human language

that fails to describe your glory


Oh Lover of this existence

Oh limitless energy of Love

forever expanding

here and beyond


Rabعa wandered the land, in your adoration

and Theresa lived

for your glorification 


Oh God of Love

and of Goodness

God of creation

and Forgiveness

You’re good and compassionate

You’re generous

and forgiving

You’re faithful and

of a calm nature

You’re gentle,


and of a high stature 


Oh my beloved

the arrows of your adoration

struck my heart


How can I not love you,

if all the seekers who knew you

couldn’t help but surrender

their hearts to you?


My love, how sweet you are!

My Lord

Fill my heart with Love

in the face of the world’s increasing hatred


Fill me with your overflowing light

in the face of this horrible darkness


Inspire me to love my enemies

before my friends


Enable me

to forgive and empathise

and to feel

the other’s sorrows;

those who knew you and believed in you

and those who didn’t know you and didn’t believe in you,

in the same way your empathy and love

embrace all of us.


Translated 2nd November 2018

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