Satan & the Universe


I was looking for any study that may draw the connection between Satan and the universe in a more biological way but failed so far.

Is it be possible that the defeat of an evil Satan or Lucifer (the morning star) and his expulsion from heaven (the book of Revelation) is somehow associated with the big bang and the birth of a universe that, although it was/is continuously expanding, it was also decaying from the moment of its appearance?
Is it be possible that God’s creation took place using matter which was the debris of a dead, powerless angel so to speak?
Could it be possible at all that the creation of this universe is, in fact, a redemption plan to unravel Satan and break free all the elements that are associated with him (or in him) which God is able to redeem?

Private: The Identity of Satan





This is a list of complementary readings of articles that somewhat links Satan to the universe or just to planet earth, but without going as far as to reveal that they are in fact one.’s-prison.194837/

Give the Devil His Due: Milton’s Satan as an Antihero and Villain Modelled by Homeric Hero




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