My Plea for Freedom



20th August 2019

I got very angry today at how much I allowed the thief in my life to steal, kill and destroy. Relationships broken, friendships faded away, jobs lost and income diminished.

I said to God;

Maybe I don’t know you very well, but the word said that you are the giver of joy, that you came to give life and give it abundantly, that you are my righteousness and that you are my healer.”

I also said; “God, things are being taken away from me and this has been happening for years, whereas unwanted things are staying

God, if this is so then I don’t think you know me. I don’t think you were ever in me or I was in you.

All that I have achieved so far was of my own imperfect doing. And apart from one bondage you broke (I will talk about this in a later testimony) and apart from another; an undesired hobby you rid me of (watching too much TV), I haven’t sensed your glory in anything else!

Lord, if you knew me from before and you truly pursued me as I thought you did, if I’m not imagining this, then manifest your glory in my life and I promise to reflect it to the world so that others may see it and praise you for your great deeds.

God, I will wait on you, until you give me back everything that was stolen from me timed by thousand. I believe you can do this and much more.

If you know me God, and you want me to walk in your path, if you really want me to reflect the light of your power and glorify your name among the heathen, then do your miracles in my life. Show me your glory so that I may sing your praises. Demonstrate your miracles and I will speak of them faithfully. Amen.”


It is important to understand that I am not just seeking financial prosperity. In fact, I disdained material things for so long and to this day, the desire for wealth is not one of my weaknesses.

My lack is manifest in various areas of my life and the most important is the spiritual lack.

But as I reflected over the issue, I found that it’s no use to try to undo my spiritual lack by myself for the harder I tried the more lacking I became. I also noticed that wherever there is a spiritual lack, there is also a financial lack. Seeing this correlation between the two types of lack manifest in people’s lives is exactly what persuaded me today that is not ungodly to ask for prosperity of all its types, first the spiritual (relationship with God), second the social (relationship with others), and third the physical (to have our needs met and our health improved) so that we may use all these gifts as evidence to persuade the heathen of our Lord’s power and generosity.

Prosperity is also equated with the fruit of the spirit. It is the evidence that we are saved, the evidence to ourselves and to the world.

With this,

I walk firmly in expectation.

I silence my doubting mind,

I ignore my wandering heart

and put a halt

to my dancing imagination.


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