The Fight with Jezebel

I heard and read a lot about this wicked spirit, but I never thought that her power could cripple the host himself or herself and impact their livelihood. No wonder Elijah ran away from the threatening spirit and asked God to kill him in an attempt to escape her influence.

Jezebel does not only use the host to achieve evil in people’s lives, but it also does so without the knowledge or the permission of the host. It can fabricate a web of lies in the imagination of the host, uses false memory to back its plan, employs deception to conquer the heart and is able to control the mind completely using the person to carry out Jezebel’s evil wishes for his or her own demise. When suffering occurs, as a result, it occurs in the host’s heart first and foremost.

Being a host to Jezebel’s spirit means having to suffer a sense of rejection, self-doubt, self-loathing, and the complete surrender to alienation and social isolation.

For further reading on the topic of Jezebel:–jezebel-spirit-




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