Sinners are Responsible for their Sins even in a Deterministic Worldview

Even within a deterministic worldview where it is believed that there is no free will, men are responsible for their own sins.

Deterministic Conscious theory believes men are considered neutral by nature. I see them as conscious forces used both ways; meaning for good and for evil. And when men are invaded by evil, I believe that they are forced to become sinners.

However, even in such theory, I still accept to be true that men are indeed responsible for their actions, along with the source of evil itself.

People, in this context, can be compared to weapons. Weapons are just metal. Knives, for example, can be used for a greater good such as cooking and surgical interventions. However, when the weapon is used to commit a crime, the weapon is then seized and analysed as proof to incriminate the hand that used it. It is then destroyed.

When evil invades the soul, it becomes part of the realm that invaded it. It’s no use to say that it was good or it was neutral, for it is now evil; it is now part of the kingdom of death.

Only prayer can protect us from such invasions. That’s why we are called to remain on our guard all the time and give prayer the utmost priority in our lives. For without prayer we cannot stand fast for long.

Strong attacks will also require a lot of trust in God and a great deal of humility. If people’s trust in God is shaken during attacks, because they suddenly see Him as the perpetrator of evil rather than their protector, they cannot stand firm. If we are righteous and walking close to God, then there is no reason to think that God is allowing evil to befall us. The very thought that accuses the almighty (even with the best intention in the world) is a thought from hell sent to tear down our bond with our heavenly Father. Think about the angels who were sent by God to deliver a message to Daniel. These angels were faced by evil spiritual princes that fought them and delayed them for three days. Jesus said; a kingdom that is divided is a lost kingdom. This confirms the fact that the three-day delay of the angels was not purposed by God for He was the One who sent the angels and He cannot oppose Himself. As a result, we have to believe that there is a true battle between good and evil, unlike what some denominations have us think, that the entire world is under God’s control, and that God allows all the evil that we see in the world today because as far as they’re concerned, we’re the only true enemies of God in this existence which is a lie.

It is true that our living God, the saviour will have the final say in the end, in this battle between good and evil. It is also true that the living God, the I AM is the most powerful force in the existence. But to deny the independent and rebellious reality of the forces of darkness is unbiblical, and thus untrue.

People who hold such views rely on the book of Job and some chapters in Isaiah; namely a verse that states that God created everything including darkness (translated at times by the word evil).

Let’s remember that God is the God of light and life only, thus He is called the living God. It is true that God has created all there is. But He has created all that is living. Everything He created had life in it and there was nothing evil in what He created. Yet, later on, evil and chaos came and affected part of his spiritual, angelic creation that was once living. These powerful forces rebelled against God and their relationship with the Almighty was broken. So, they no longer belong to God but to death.

Only humanity was and is considered by God, because man is pure consciousness. He is a tool to be used either for good or for evil. Men cannot maintain or sustain any spiritual posture be it good or bad without a spiritual force; a source so to speak. Man is a mere temple and can be inhabited by a strong man. Only walking very closely to God will ensure that the Strong Man enhabiting the person is no less than Jesus himself. That Strong Man is then the source of all good things that come from the person.

If the person is not saved or if he backslides, a different strong man will come claiming the temple that was once holy, defiling it and filling it with other wicked spirits.


In actual fact, some attacks -when designed by our enemies- are designed to break our bondage with God first and for most, then to achieve whatever the enemy wants in our lives thereafter. So note, to try to wreck a Christian person’s life, some wicked people, who happen to be also in faith – but perhaps not the very right one- pray against their enemy to wreck their faith before they can attack him or her.

We find this message loud and clear in Psalm 2. King David’s enemies were not alien to his faith. They were Yahweh’s worshippers too. Yet they were plotting to break the bond between him and His God perhaps through false accusations or evil prayers -praying for strong attacks to occur against David which could wipe his faith away and leave him more vulnerable to other destructive actions.

And even today, you could find Bible-believing Christians who, after trying to attack their brethren and realising that they are God’s proteges, they attempt to design a satanic prayer to attack the bond between God and the faithful man or woman of God. In other words, they attempt to break the bond between the person-temple and the Strong Man -Jesus- in the temple.

So, in which case, I say keep your enemies who were meant to be your brethren the closest to you, in your watchful mind. Keep them covered by prayer so that Satan doesn’t come between you and them and your war with them ends up worse than your war with the unbelievers.


Prayer can also help evil souls be released from their prison. For this, we are commanded to pray for those who hurt us and curs us.

However, if after many months or years of patience, continuous forgiveness and prayer for our enemies, we continue being subjected to the evil deeds of these darkened souls, we should then give them up to God and release them to the demolisher to tear them down. But we should never pray for their separation from God if they are Bible believers or try to prevent them from knowing God if they are not yet in faith. On the contrary, if we are righteous, we should always have the assurance that the right faith is the only hope we have in this life for us and our enemies.



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