Introduction – Why and How Did I Become A Christian?

I believe that my conversion to Christianity was not a coincidence neither was it necessarily caused by the complex and painful events of my life.

There was something that attracted me to the Christian faith and made me love Jesus Christ. This thing was present in my heart from birth. How do I know that? Well, I am one of those people whom the Lord gave an early awareness of their state of being, and long-term memory to recall most of what happened around them. As a result, I still remember many details from the early stages of my life and I still remember my feelings about them. Although my mind was transformed throughout my Christian walk,  the core of my inner being; the real me, remains the same. I am still a tender-hearted being, who puts love first in my life ahead of anything else! And I am somewhat confident I would have believed in Jesus Christ regardless of the type of environment I was raised in and regardless of my life circumstances.

I, therefore, conclude that my life experiences were an attempt by Satan to get me out of the plan that Jesus had me for.

I am also here to witness that there are people who have been chosen by Jesus Christ from many countries and many ethnic backgrounds. These people who He had chosen for Himself from the beginning of time, He will reach them no matter where they are and He will protect them no matter what.

Evil forces will try to wrap themselves around these people to destroy the plan of God. But Jesus will take all the broken pieces and will make something beautiful to serve Him.



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