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Welcome to God’s Whisper

The reason this website was set is that I was once lost, and it was thanks to God’s Grace that I am now ‘being found’. God has and is applying his grace through some who He called to stand by me and give me that unconditional love, approval and encouragement that can only be found in the heart of Jesus.

There is something about the overwhelming feeling of gratitude that makes us indebted to God and to those who allowed God to help us through them, to the point where, once we’re out of the pit, all that we want to do is to rush and help other people; do the same good that has been done for us.

My testimony is to tell and show the world what the LORD has done for me. I’d like to describe how far I’ve come, and still to come. The testimony is not only in the change of my circumstances but also in my value system, character and personality.

I wrote this statement when I was once challenged by an atheist to think that believers only choose faith because they want to live for ever.

November 7, 2016 at 11:39 am
Funny enough, I didn’t chose to believe in Jesus Christ because of the promise of a life after death (at least to begin with). I did because life itself didn’t make any sense, because the pain was tremendous and because my natural mind/brain as well as my immediate environment failed to equip me with what it takes to lead a happy, joyful life (life showed me its nasty face since birth through sexual and physical abuse). I chose to believe in Jesus Christ because I needed to, for my survival here on earth, otherwise I would have been gone long time ago. Because I couldn’t find truth and true relationships in the world that we think to be true, I ended up having to venture into what the natural body thinks to be illusion, to look for a truthful way of being; to look for true love, honesty, openness, fidelity, sacrifice, etc. I found them in a place I didn’t imagine myself, a ‘Neverland’ that I didn’t dream myself. It was so awesome! Heaven for me is the existence of these ideals in my heart here on earth, which I can carry anywhere I go. They are my Heaven.
Who cares if I didn’t survive eternally. In fact, because my life used to be a mini-version of Hell, the concept of living used to scare me far more than the concept of death. Do you really think that the person who I used to be; the person who had suicidal tendencies would want to live forever?!
Before I became a Christian, I felt like a worm crawling among the dead. Then I became a Christian and regained my humanity, my dignity, my self worth, my focus, my consciousness. Let me try to think what I lost in return: oumm, oh yeh…
my depression, my paranoia, my meanness, my cruelty and hardness of heart, and gradually more and more things are falling off, like old hair, like bits of dead skin, without an effort, because Jesus is working inside of me.
On top of all these gains and no losses, I was given many gifts, miraculously. My dream relationships came true, my finances improved and my youth was renewed.
You could explain all of the shifts and turns by the psychological impacts of a belief system. You could explain it away by the fact that dreams and illusions can help sometimes.
And I won’t argue with you on this. If an illusion can achieve all of this, then let it be!
You see, I won’t argue with you about the existence or the non existence of the metaphysical (or the spiritual as we call it) because nothing yet is proven in a lab, in a professional, reputable university for some sort. However, because I’m not a gambler by nature, I don’t like to take chances when the odds are 50/50.
Besides, now when I saw how faith is working in my life, and how big the change is during these 15 years, I came to the decision that I didn’t even care if it turned out to be an illusion in the end. As long as it’s working for me, turning my life into an exciting day after the other, filling me with enthusiasm and love for life after long last…
This faith has created a new successful version of me who will walk from win to win until the end of this physical body. If the end comes and I find out that there’s nothing afterwards but silence, then what a bliss! At least I lived a happy, fruitful life. At least, I lived to the full.
But on the other hand, if I carried on living in the realm of the dead, where reality is sickening and where I’m just another ghost preying on others and being preyed upon while waiting to be annihilated, then when the end of this physical body comes and I discover that the truth which all religions agree upon (the existence of Heaven and Hell and the survival of the inner man), is true, I would have waisted my life and lost my eternity.
Which situation do I then have to choose if I had any sense in me? The ‘win-win’ or the ‘lose-lose’?







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