An Insight into Modern Day culture and value system

Fear & Pride Turned The Saviour Into A Source Of Threat

The irony, though, is that in this modern, secular generation we have all become emotionally fragile. Our egos are so sensitive to reproach and correction that the mere mention of a painful experience lived by others, even thousands of years ago can represent a real threat to us. Though I wonder if without pain, correction or reproach, would it have been possible for humanity to develop to the stage we are in, in this millennia?

The majority believe that the answer to this question is yes. We examine ourselves as a nation or even as a human race and marvel at how civilized our social relationships are and how sophisticated our value system is. But most believe that we owe our modern thinking and behaviour either to the evolutionary leap from ‘monkey-hood’ to ‘human-hood’ or to the most recent XIX century scientific and technological revolution! We believe in evolution because it provides a scientific and historical answer to “how did the creation come into being”, yet we like to think that humanity developed its contemporary sets of values since the first generation of Homo Sapiens!!! Or that humans lived as monkeys up to the industrial revolution where they suddenly turned into the sophisticated beings we now are. We refuse to see ourselves as a bio-historical product, which means that since the firstborn; the first ever ‘Homo sapien’, the human specious has been greatly impacted by the reality and has been, at the same time, continuously shaping its own history and future. This is what Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel calls the Dialectical relationship between the person and his/her surrounding, which should shape our method of reading history accordingly.