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2- Is Religion the Doorway to Love?

Years earlier, I have also studied and experienced religion in its wider manifestation and general understanding. Here again, I came across a lot of teaching and witnessed various approaches to the God-human relationship, and so I found a lot of learnt values that are of a great benefit to individuals and to the society as a whole. Religion too is based on self-discipline and the prioritisation of that which is perceived to be our duties, rather than the desires of the self. Depending on the nature of the religion and/or the denomination within each religion, we see that the relationship between God and the believer varies greatly. The more this relationship is based on the sense of duty, blind obedience and fear of punishment, the more we see sadness, emptiness and a vague sense of resentment or anger ingrained deeply within the follower. On the other hand, the more intimacy, openness and mutual understanding there is in this God-human relationship, the more we see freedom, joy and the fulfilment of true love. John 4:16-18

I then concluded that love could be found in religion, but that establishing the right relationship with God might increase the amount of love we could be granted. Therefore, I came to establish that understanding the true nature of love is what helps us eventually find the way to its source (God), and vice versa.