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3- Could Prayer be a Doorway to Love?

Since I think that love is a gift, and since I believe that the donor of the gift is God, then wouldn’t it be much simpler to ask God for the gift of love directly rather than spend our lives trying to earn this love through seeking or serving? This is not to say that love wouldn’t lead us to both seeking and serving in the end, anyway. But, in my opinion, it would be much easier to seek and serve out of love than the other way round.

For many, the issue here is fundamentally to do with pride.
When we were children, it used to be so easy for us to ask for gifts. Yet when we became adults, our pride came in the way. Asking love to enter our lives is recognising that it is actually conscious energy that may choose to be with us or may not.
But the way we ask, the understanding we hold and the purpose behind our request, that’s what will determine how much love will give us of Himself in the end.