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The Manifestation of Love

In Christian terms, love and the Holy Spirit are in fact one. If the person is filled by the Holy Spirit and if s/he remained so for a long time, all the person’s desires would be eventually answered. Romance is sure to come and last for life through a stable marriage. Strong friendships are to be built and prosper. Success in a career or a newly found job is sure to be reached. But all these desires will become less intense in the field of emotions because the one and only overpowering feeling that will keep the believer’s spirit ‘high’ is love Himself. Our livelihood, joy and happiness will no longer depend on the physical thrill we experience in this reality. This is how bondage can break instantly without the need for rehabilitation. Love is so beautiful and the feelings He creates within us is indescribable. It makes us feel and look younger. With love, we are filled with peace and serenity without having to undergo extensive meditation training. Love links us with our former, lighter selves; when we were small children, just before sin took over our lives. He makes us truly happy, because He does not only offload our negative emotions and break our wrong thinking-patterns, but He also provides us with real hope for eternal salvation when believing in the grace of God and in the hefty price that Jesus has paid for us.