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The Absence of Love

From the moment the Christian starts to know God and to experience true love, s/he becomes aware of the condition of his/her spiritual state. It is possible for a believer to lose their connection with the Holy Spirit through conscious or unconscious sin, thus re-living the former state they were in before they were saved. The difference between love and the lack of it is the difference between life and death. If our spiritual state is dead, nothing we could do on a physical level that is able to mask the nagging feeling of death.
Very quickly, our joy and excitement are replaced by a feeling of emptiness and loneliness, regardless of the environmental factors. The absence of the Holy Spirit will also affect our state of peace and clarity of vision, which could leave us wrestling with confusion, anxiety and despair. Without the presence of the Holy Spirit within, there’s always a nagging, dreadful feeling which we may try to numb using food, sex or substance to no avail.
All sensations that come from a source which is not true Love (God) can only produce an illusion of sentiments; an illusion of joy and happiness.
This actual emptiness and the feeling of yearning is in truth death itself. For, the opposite of true love is death whereas hate is only one manifestation of death. Therefore, to love is to live, and we can only live by connecting to the source, which is God through faith and righteousness.