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The Question Of Salvation

If the answer to our major human problems is LOVE, why then does it take someone a lifetime of searching and seeking to find the truth? And why would a great proportion of those who search and seek, fall short of God’s glory?
In my opinion, when searching for the answer becomes a long life quest rather than a matter of days, we know this is an indication of a problem. The problem here is not in the truth we are searching for, but in our readiness to accept it. It is true that inviting love to come to our lives and being able to keep this presence flowing within us is a matter of a personal choice. But the truth, which is rejected by the majority of people in this millennia, states that in order to keep our link with the Holy Spirit, we need to be willing to build our relationship with God on humility and obediance and to regard ourselves as little children in his presence. This means that we should intend to be as obedient to God as good children are to their parents, even if we weren’t successful most times. We ought to accept that we are being held accountable for our actions. We have to become attentive to the reproach of the Holy Spirit who is at work within us. And finally, we need to be willing to open up to repentance, forgiveness and healing, on a daily basis.