An Insight into Modern Day culture and value system

The Stumbling Blocks

However, not all are willing to pay this cost. In general, the 21st-century modern seeker is not searching for an eternal solution but an earthly one. For us, the problem is to do with our lives here on earth, and our awareness of the short lifespan we live. This is why the solution we desire has to be an earthly quick fix. Therefore, if we ever become willing to repair our issues through religion or spirituality, we set clear guidelines for our quest.——When we search for God, we are looking for a civilized, ‘secular’ god who doesn’t express his opinion about us so that we’re not offended. At the same time, we need a god who is willing to wait patiently until we are in a mood to talk or listen to him. We are seeking a god who can accept our extreme adoration to Self and inflated pride. We need a god who is willing to share his divinity with us. In fact, we are not looking for a god but for a servant who can make all our dreams come true like the genie in Aladdin’s oil lamp. This means a god who cannot refuse us anything, yet does not make any demands of us.

These are our terms and conditions to embrace the simple truth before us. But these are also the stumbling blocks which we lay ahead of our true understanding and real salvation. For a relationship which is based on a give-and-take-imbalance is inefficient and soon becomes counterproductive. For example, parenting which is based on fulfilling a child’s every whim without demanding respect or providing tools to strengthen the child’s character is inefficient because it doesn’t help the future youth to become productive and it certainly does not teach him/her anything about integrity.