Book of Psalms: brief readings

Psalm 1

The righteous is blessed.

– Who is the righteous?

1-The one who does not do what evildoers do; lie against others, steal, rob, envy, lust, try to corrupt others or seduce them to , gossip, feel self righteous, feel proud, act in vanity, look down at others and/or mistreat them, don’t treat people with compassion, hardened at heart, judge others severely, punish them without pity, mock them, show cynicism, communicate disdain, etc.

-The one who does not mock righteousness, goodness and the Word of God.

2-The one who delights in the law of the Lord; who loves the wisdom of God and thrives in living according to God’s plans. Who is drawn to godly things; meditating on the Bible, studying the scripture, praying and listening to others’ prayers, serving others in Christ; in humility and long-suffering, be open to teaching and to change.

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My Belief

For years that have passed and gone
I denounced my Deity…
Islam did not make sense
nor Buddhism or Christianity…
Churches and mosques are alike
full of dogma and stupidity…
In all their pride and prejudice
they are betting on eternity…
so sure of the unseen,
so confident to comprehend,
what is beyond,
their ability…
They turned God to an angry spirit,
a colonial, bloodthirsty, volatile entity…
a terrorist who frightens peace,
women’s serial killer,
a violent personality,
a feeling of guilt within us,
a stress, a loud siren of atrocity…
Living life is hard enough

why looking for the impossibility?!…


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